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    Autumn passed, and winter came, came to the road, the howl of the north wind howling, roar like a hungry Wolf tore heart crack lung voice, like an enchanting spectacular ballet dancer turned up the shape of the figure.

    Drumming, atishoo! Hurried footsteps, yet because of the cold and sneezing echoed on the street. Red, white, gray, black, wearing trench coat, coat, woolen sweater to choose a suitable text book people wear thick clothes, curled up the body, under the attacks of the oncoming wind, impassable, they shouted angrily "! The winter is coming."

    Came before the stream, hand gently on the surface of the water, just touched the water, is the water flushed with bite. At the bottom, hey, where's the teeming with lovely fish? Probably due to the arrival of winter settled down at the bottom. Looked at the empty water and frozen red hand, I can't help but sigh: oh, the winter is coming! Came to a forest, on the gold leaf blanket, I as if there is the picture in your mind: pieces of golden leaves by ruthless winter wind down, and left the shelter of the master, falling to the ground. Achieve its final value, quietly into the soil. I seem to see its don't give up and tears, as if to hear the sigh of: well, the winter is coming. Winter, is always so sad, always so quietly, so quietly go to choose a suitable text book


    Looked up, a wisp of sunshine point-blank heart, lazy in the heart. A few days ago, just made a winter, but in winter, it seems, are still at home sleeping in, has been reluctant to come out, more is the cause of global warming.

    In winter, there is always a feeling of not to fear and intimidation. The winter in the north is always tough. Sharp dongfeng, long night and the critics, the scene of a dry every scene made me shiver. So I spent it with long missing this one nasty winter. Compared and then followed by the spring. Spring is the season with a rich, full of poetic flavour, is always my favorite. Often at that time, people is what all don't want to do a cold, intent on shrinkage at home. Intelligent or the little animals, in the old ancestors had got into the habit of winter sleep is not working, that enjoys strong really enviable.

    But if there is no winter, what would we do? The original logo is the winter snow on earth less and less, sometimes also see a snow in winter. When a snowball fight a snowman scenes don't really want to become a memory? In the dark night sky, the glittering and translucent get rid of lanterns, also can only appear in a dream?

    People often say spring flowers, a vibrant spectacle, the earth seems to be spring is a beautiful angel, but who had thought that we had no winter the gestation and hone, spring flower will open so delicate and charming, so beautiful? Foil we had no winter the spring would be so sweet and different? If the four seasons are all the same, people will feel special spring? Single people will not because the seasons, bored?

    Setbacks, often in the winter term. People often during failure, helpless feeling is the same, and the winter cold, hunger, hesitation, puzzled. All dead, lift not spirit to come, in the lonely and helpless when losing hope, to despair, let people feel winter's terrible, but if winter comes, can spring be far behind? Failure is often the best way to hone the successful person, looking for hope in despair, life will be brilliant. Only after setbacks hone, people will be more strong more perseverance, will know happiness is hard-won, and such people are more likely to succeed.

    Looked up the sky, the sun seems to have no past is bright, but my heart is filled with the warm sunshine.

    Winter is coming! This winter I will no longer fear!

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