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    Every year when the grades of the college entrance examination come out , some will feel satisfied while others will feel very dissappointed。 Only those who have studied in college have the right to assert whose world it is four years later。

    Diploma is just like a train ticket, entering a key university means you have got a soft sleeper and an ordinary university means a hard sleeper, a technical school means hard seat and private school diploma means no seat

    and if you graduate from adult education, it means yiu have to stay in the restroom when there is no seat。 after fours years, everyone will reachyhe destination。 the boss wont care how you come here, they just care what you can do for。them just as Bill Gates says people who take the first class wont arrive at the destination faster than those who take economy class 。so dont be so strict with your kid。 standinh all thr way is anothet kind of experience!


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