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    Today is the first day of the National Day holiday. I got up early and went to Mount Yuntai with my father.


    Dad said: "climb to choose a difficult mountain road to exercise perseverance." So we chose to go from the back mountain path. The road up the mountain was not easy to walk at first. Within a few minutes, I was sweating. The more I went up the road, the steeper I was. Later, I really "climbed" with my limbs. I accidentally got a little hurt on my foot! Although very tired, but I still insist on down to the top of the mountain.


    Standing on the Yuntai Mountain, looking down, the long flowers and plants are beautiful. Among the green grass, there are colorful flowers. I lay on the soft grass exhausted, but I was very happy, because this time I chose the most difficult way to walk, and climbed up without rest. My father, who was so tired and sweaty, boasted that I was long, brave as an adult, and I was very beautiful in my heart!


    Today is really a happy National Day.

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